Pittsburgh Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, LLC



Initial Meeting!     FREE!

We visit your home to meet you and your pets, complete our service contract and pick up the house keys.          

15 Minute Visit!      $14.00 / Visit

Our 15 Minute Visit includes a potty break, fresh water, meal time and/or treats.          

30 Minute Visit!      $18.00 / Visit

Our 30 Minute Visit includes a 15-20 Minute walk and a potty break, fresh water, Meal time and/or treats and some play time.


30 Minute Cat Visit! $18.00 / Visit    

Our 30 Minute Cat Visit is one visit per day which includes fresh food and water, cleaning out their Litter pans, playtime and general cleaning of your home.


45 Minute Visit!      $24.00 / Visit

Our 45 Minute Visit includes a 20-30 Minute walk and a potty break, fresh water, meal time and/or treats and some play time.         

60 Minute Visit!      $30.00 / Visit

Our 60 Minute Visit includes a 30-40 minute walk and a potty break, fresh water, meal time and/or treats and some playtime.          

Overnight Visit!      $80.00 / Visit

Our 12 Hour in home visit is an overnight visit from 7 PM to 7 AM. Consists of evening routines as well as morning routines including meal times, fresh water, playtime, walks and anything else that is involved in your pets routines.       


Home Security Visit!  $15.00 / Visit

Our home security check gives you the peace of mind that even when your pets are on vacation with you or just a weekend trip, your house is in good hands. We will provide welfare checks on your home as you request. Includes mail, changing of blinds and lights, watering plants, garbage, and general home cleaning.





(Rates listed above include up to (2) pets. Visits are customized to you and your pets needs!)

Additional Services




More than (2) Pets                                                                                                                          Add $3/Pet/Visit

Medication Administration                                                                                                            Add $2/Pet/Visit

Holiday Periods                                                                                                                        Add $7/Holiday Visit


Holidays Observed: New Years Eve/Day, Christmas Eve/Day, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, Easter and Veterans Day!

Emergency Visits                                                                                                    Add Cost Based on Length of Visit

Groomer/Vet Transport                                                                                                                Call us for a quote

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